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  • Add Guest Order to a Customer Account in Magento

    To get the customer_id simply go to Customers > Manage Customers in the Magento admin. Log in to the MySQL and execute the following queries:

  • Magento: Removing Billing Agreements, Recurring Profiles & My Applications links

    Magento: Removing Billing Agreements, Recurring Profiles & My Applications links from customer account.   Step 1: Go to ( yourPackage/YourTemplate/customer/account/navigation.phtml ) Step 2: Replace the below line **With**

  • Available qyt on the cart page in Magento 1

    For the available qyt on the cart page use below code;

  • Upgrade Magento 1 Via SSH

    Upgrading Magento via SSH is usually much simpler than via the magento downloader. To upgrade follow these simple steps. 1. First backup. Download a copy of your database, and backup your files. You can make a zip of them. 2. Set the permissions for mage: chmod +x mage 3. Run mage-setup and sync: ./mage mage-setup […]

  • Magento orders by sku

    SQL code for orders by sku SQL code for orders by sku

  • Disable paypal logo from sidebar in Magento

    System > Configuration > Payment Methods > Paypal All in One Payments Solutions> Paypal Payments Advanced (Includes Express Checkout)> Basic Settings – Paypal Payments Advanced > Frontend Expereince settings> Paypal Product Logo

  • MySQL query caching for ex. Magento

    Login Plesk MySQL On server with Parallels Plesk Panel versions 8.x, 9.x and above admin password is stored in file /etc/psa/.psa.shadow. Use the following command to get the password: Since version 10 admin password stored in file /etc/psa/.psa.shadow is encrypted. Use the following command to get admin password in plain text: Despite version of Parallels […]

  • Bulk edit price in Magento with SQL query

    Select Prices Update Prices with Value (catalog_product_entity_decimal.attribute_id=75 = price) Empty Value Update Prices with % 1.19 is 19% tax Id=75 is the price Id = 76 is the special price (see table eav_attribute table for codes) Update Prices with Rounded Value Run this if you want all your prices to be also rounded e..g 25.00 […]

  • Magento Import Products

    Go to Magento Admin > Catalog > Manage Categories Add your Product categories here but do note your category ids, you can make a list of your category ids in a notepad file. There might be a possibility that you need to define extra attributes for your products so for that go to Catalog >Attributes […]

  • Magento Admin menu werkt niet meer

    Zojuist een upgrade gedaan van een magento installatie naar een nieuwe versie via Magento Connect Na de upgrade bleek de admin menu niet meer te werken in de backend. De oplossing bij mij was het Head.php bestandje te vervangen. Bestand staat in app/code/core/Mage/Page/Block/Html/ Download hier het  Head.php bestand voor de oplossing : Head.php