Photoshop Polaroid Canvas Video

Photo Source :

Steps in the video:

Step 1: Duplicate The Background Layer
Step 2: Add A New Blank Layer Between The Two Layers
Step 3: Fill The New Layer With Black
Step 4: Add A New Blank Layer
Step 5: Drag Out A Rectangular Selection As The Inside Of Your First Polaroid
Step 6: Fill The Selection With Black
Step 7: Create A Clipping Mask From The Filled Selection
Step 8: Add Another New Blank Layer Above “Layer 2”
Step 9: Drag Out Another Rectangular Selection As The Border Of The Polaroid
Step 10: Fill The Selection With White
Step 11: Add A Drop Shadow Layer Style
Step 12: Rotate The Polaroid
Step 13: Group All Three Layers Which Make Up The Polaroid
Step 14: Duplicate The Layer Group
Step 15: Move And Rotate The Second Polaroid With The Free Transform Command
Step 16: Add, Move And Rotate More Polaroids As Needed



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