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  • ‘Open With’ Menu in Mac OS X

    Clearing Finder’s ‘Open With’ Menu in Mac OS X Mountain lion Enter the following command :

  • Mac Pro Upgrade HD to SSD

    Download Carbon Copy Cloner (30 day trial), and install on old hard drive Aattach new hard drive, can be internally or external OSX will tell you you attached a drive it can’t read and will automatically start Disk Utility for you (this utility is under Applications, then Utilities) Select the new drive in Left panel,…

  • Remove the Joomla 2.5 meta name generator tag

    The method to removing the meta name generator tag for Joomla varies between versions. On Joomla 2.5 you can simply add this code to your index.php file in your template. The main advantage of editing the template code instead of installing a plugin is less overhead. The fewer plugins you have, the faster your site…

  • This address no longer accepts mail

    This address no longer accepts mail Qmail – Plesk It was a day again troubleshooting qmail mail delivery issue and found that qmail was rejecting emails to the domain which is hosted on same plesk server but was having other mail server. The users were getting error : “This address no longer accepts mail” Below…

  • Install mcrypt and PHP upgrade to 5.3.3

    On CENTOS5 upgrade php to 5.3.3 and installed mcrypt for the use of Magento. Here are the commands to install it all upgrade PHP 5.3: list command to quickly get information: checked to make sure that those packages were available for php53: Stop webserver remove the old PHP packages: Installed the available replacement packages: Install…

  • Change Posts into Pages or Pages into Posts

    SQL query through PHPMyAdmin: or

  • WordPress SQL Snippets

    Batch Deleting Spam Comments Batch Deleting All Unapproved Comments Disable Comments on Older Posts (edit date) Batch Deleting Post Revisions Delete Post Meta Changing the URL of Images

  • Photoshop Grid script

    Save as .jsx

  • Free iPhone Business Card

    Free Business Card Template iPhone Style Download

  • CSS3 Animated Price Table

    CSS3 Animated Price Table Example of a price table.View source code for more details. View Demo

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