Cycling apps for Iphone and Blackberry

Iphone / Ipad cycling apps

Cyclemeter GPS Cycling Computer for Road & Mountain Bikingvan Abvio LLC

Cyclemeter turns your iPhone into a powerful GPS stopwatch, giving you feedback and motivation to go farther, become faster, be healthier, and live longer. ?

Supports iOS 4 and multitasking! ? Named Best of Show at Macworld 2010 by Beatweek. ?

Featured by Apple in What’s Hot in the App Store. ? For a complete product tour, see

Bike Docter

Bicycle maintenance for everyone

Bike Doctor will show you everything you need to know to keep your bike in perfect working order. Simply choose a part of the bike you want to look at and follow the repair.


MapMy (powered by MapMyFitness is a location-based application that uses the built in GPS technology on your iPhone to allow runners, cyclists, (or any outdoor fitness activity) to track their daily training data, including:

* Total Time

* Total Distance (in miles or kilometers)

* Pace (minutes per km/mile) or current speed

* Average Speed / Pace (km/mile)

* View your running maps directly on your iPhone

* Training Log including Distance, Calories Burned, Time, and Date

* Add Your Workout to Twitter

Bicycle Gear Calculator — Bike GearsBy JPMartineau

Designed by a cyclist, for cyclists, Bike Gears is the premier Bicycle Gear Calculator for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Calculate Gear Ratios, Gear Inches, Development and Gain Ratios using your bike’s measurements.

The app now has over 200 preset tire sizes and also lets you enter your own custom tire size for personalized measurements.

MotionX GPS LiteBy MotionX™

MotionX-GPS is for your outdoor life:

That’s Walking, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Sailing, Skiing, Flying, Racing, Geocaching.

MotionX is committed to constant improvement. We listen to our millions of MotionX users and continuously add the most requested features. Recently added user-requested features include:

Live Speed and Altitude graphs.

Ascent / Descent and gradient information.

Share tracks up to 5MB.

Map Storage Interface: Downloading and storing maps is faster and easier than ever.

MotionX Terrain and Road maps can be stored for worldwide use and no data fees.

High contrast skin style for easy daytime viewing.

Support for GPX file import enables wirelessly importing of GPS tracks and waypoints from any source, anywhere.

B.iCycle – GPS cycling computer for Road & Mountain Biking

B.iCycle provides all the information you need on the bike. Our stylish user interface combined with maximum ease of use create a new experience on the bike that beats an ordinary bike computer by far!


Cychosis is a cycling journal for the the Apple iPhone with the following features:


See colorful high resolution charts of your training and riding progress for Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and All time.

Chart your distance, average speed, and time.


Optional automatic tweet (twitter) of each ride after you enter it lets your friends and family follow you on your bike!

Export ride data to CSV — private access to last 5 exports via Cychosis exports server.


Keeps track of the mileage and number of rides on any number of bikes.


Set any number of distance goals and track progress against them.


Keeps track of common routes, distance, elevation, notes, etc.

Automatically keeps stats for each route.


Quickly record rides as soon as you’re finished.

Filter rides to current week, month, or year

Optional summary totals for current filtered period

Shows stats for each ride.

Pre-fill a new ride with one of your pre-defined routes, or enter a new name quickly.

Pedal Brain

Pedal Brain can be thought of as three integrated products. First, it’s an iPod and iPhone ANT+ accessory. Second, it’s a complete training log. Third, it’s a coaching platform.

Each of these products have been designed together and as such integrate perfectly well. There’s no distinction between your workouts on the web and your workouts on the iPhone or iPod.

Simply go for a ride and all your performance data is uploaded in realtime to the web where coaches, teammates and friends can see it (if you allow them to). There’s no post workout data upload step with Pedal Brain.

Similarly there’s no need to copy your workouts onto paper and stuff in your jersey before heading out. It’s already there on your iPhone or iPod

Trails – GPS trackerBy Felix Lamouroux

Record maps while hiking, on bike trips or while jogging directly on your iPhone. Easily import tracks and follow hikes of others!

You can export your tracks with two clicks in the standard GPX Format. This allows you to geotag and geocode your non-iPhone photos (via e.g. HoudahGeo) or to share your track with others via Google Earth, etc


EveryTrail is the best way to share trips, connect with other travelers and find great new things to do.

Map a trip route with your phone or GPS

Add trip photos to your map instantly

Add maps & photos to your blog or website

Explore and share in the EveryTrail community

Distance Meter ProBy Future Apps Inc.

Distance meter is an easy to use, multi-purpose GPS distance tracker. Ever wonder what the distance of your favorite walking trail is? Distance Meter can find it! Need to know how fast your traveling while biking? Distance meter can tell you that too. Distance Meter can even show you how many calories you have burned!

Since Distance Meter takes advantage of the iPhone 3G’s built in GPS Receiver, its accuracy is much improved over a standard step pedometer that cost ten times as much. Distance Meter’s calculations can be accurate to within a few feet with a good GPS signal.

Go walking, hiking, jogging, running, biking, and distance meter will automatically calculate your distance traveled, current pace or speed, and much more!

The Bike Computer By GlobalMotion Media, Inc

In addition to being the world’s most beautiful and easy to use cyclocomputer, the bike computer is also a GPS tracking application, which means it records and uploads a track of your bike ride.

Our website,, helps you visualize and annotate your ride, and to share it with your friends, family, and our fast growing community from over 130 countries.

Bike Your Drive

Bike Your Drive by REI is an iPhone app that helps you join the self-propelled revolution by logging your Bike rides with some cool features.

The app keeps a GPS log of your bike rides, whereever you go.

You can also snap photos on your route which are automatically geotagged with the location of the photo.

The stats screen of the app shows you a summary of your speed, distance, and time elapsed. Also you see your average speed, elevation and compass heading along with health and environmental impacts.

There is also a map view which not only shows your current location bu also plots your photos to where they were taken on your route. The app saves your drive details online at


LiveRider is the first Wireless Cycling Computer and mounting system for iPhone and iPod touch. Incorporating advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology from New Potato, a single permanently-sealed sensor unit is mounted on the frame near the rear wheel that measures both bike speed and pedal cadence and transmits that information to a receiving unit attached to the 30 pin connector of the iPhone.

Captured securely in a sleek and aerodynamic shock-absorbing handlebar mounted cradle that protects against vibration and debris, the rider’s iPhone is immediately accessible, yet can be quickly removed along with the receiver dongle.

Unlike other cycling computers, LiveRider is able to leverage the advanced features of the iPhone and iPod touch to provide the user a hi-res color touch screen interface, GPS features providing location and tracking, and accelerometer features to record inclination. LiveRider includes a file system to save the detailed data from each ride which can be reviewed graphically or exported via email and imported into any spreadsheet, document, or database.

Blackberry cycling apps

Cycling Log

* Helps you to track your workouts & cycling logs on a calendar.

* Record your workouts and rest days with this application, and see your history and trends on the visual calendar and summary.

* Now, completely record, monitor, track & recall all your workouts for the entire year.

* So, now stick to all your goals & achieve them using this application.

* Have a quick view of all the data on the calendar itself.


* Record all the data along with the basic information like name, photo, etc.

* See changes and improvements over time

* Motivate yourself to improve your fitness

* Send the data through Email.

* Quick glance of the cycling log data.


iMapMyRide features real-time ride gps tracking with distance, time, pace, and speed display, support for mile or km output, synchronization with your cycling training log and biking routes on, viewing of your cycling history with maps from your BlackBerry® smartphone, and Twitter integration.

GPS-location must be enabled and 3rd party access supported by your carrier. For example, this product does not work with Verizon and the Curve/Bold however it does work with Verizon and the Storm. This product also does not work with most international carriers. Please check with your carrier before you purchase this application as we are unable to provide refunds through the App Store.

With iMapMyRide, you can instantaneously get your cycling maps and view them in Google or Google Earth, view elevation profiles, post them to your blog or website, email them to friends, or print them out for an event or group ride.

When you ride, automatically breaks your rides into 5-mile splits so you can compare segments of your workout.

AllSport GPS

Track runs, bike rides, walks, and fitness workouts with AllSport GPS. Download a FREE 7-day trial version today; just click “Download Trial.” After 7 days, we will ask for a one-time fee of $19.99.

Turn your BlackBerry® into a personal trainer and workout collector. AllSport GPS uses the built-in GPS on your BlackBerry® to track all your workouts and fitness stats. Plus, use our website to analyze, store, plan, and share your training sessions. With AllSport GPS you can:

* Track your workout routes on a map

* Collect fitness stats (time, speed, distance traveled, and calories burned).

* Store weekly, monthly, and annual workouts. Compare workouts online too.

* View speed and elevation graphs.

* Download street, aerial, and trail maps wirelessly to your BlackBerry®.

* Send workouts wirelessly to the to see more maps and stats.

* Share and exchange rides, runs, and runs with friends.

* Retrieve trips from your online account on your phone.

* Access thousands of public trips submitted by our online community and the editors of Bicycling magazine.

* Keep workouts private or share them with our active community.

* Race against previous workouts to better your personal records.


Bike-O-Meter is a “must have” App for every cycling or walking enthusiast. The App works equally well in an vehicle or automobile.

Bike-O-Meter is both a speedometer and odometer that allows instantaneous speed and distance whether you are walking, riding a bicycle or a vehicle.

The Bike-O-Meter App employs some very sophisticated algorithms to calculate speeds and distances very accurately.

It provides the ability to monitor speed, distance, elapsed time, heading/direction and locations that are important to a serious traveler. Bike-O-Meter tracks your trip, your overall speed, distance and elapsed time.

Mount it on your vehicle or carry it in your pocket/holster. All cellphone functions are available while you Bike-O-Meter runs in the background.

Bike-O-Meter supports 18 functions


Transforms your phone into an advanced cycling computer. Strap it on your thigh and get cadence from accelerometer and speed from GPS. Keep your eyes on the road, not your display with audible VeloTones.






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