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  • Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

    Monday, September 21, 2009 at 10:00 AM Recently we received some questions about how Google uses (or more accurately, doesn’t use) the “keywords” meta tag in ranking web search results. Suppose you have two website owners, Alice and Bob. Alice runs a company called AliceCo and Bob runs BobCo. One day while looking at Bob’s […]

  • Twitter Background Guidelines

    Composition Width and height varies. Twitter’s design is centred, and shifts left and right across the background image, depending on the size of the user’s display and their web browser’s window size. The background design should support a wide variety of window dimensions. Broadly speaking, there are four types of Twitter background designs: extended profile, […]

  • color – pattern – textures

  • Web-Based Invoicing Tools

    Web-Based Invoicing Tools for Web Designers phpBMS Project phpBMS is web-based, open source, Business Management Software (BMS). The phpBMS package is based on the LAMP stack. phpBMS is designed for small and mid-size enterprises looking for an integrated system to manage their business. A system that is capable of managing daily operations, creating and […]

  • CSS Menu

    Deze tutorial zal ik laten zien hoe je een css menu maakt.. We maken (un-typical) list menu met behulp van de position waarde. Hier is een overzicht van het menu (je kunt het downloaden als rar bestand). Achtergrond: Open de Photoshop-bestand. Schakel alle layers uit behalve de achtergrond en logo en sla de achtergrond op […]